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Scottsdale, Arizona, is located in the gorgeous Sonoran Desert at the foot of the picturesque McDowell Mountains. Phoenix borders it on the west, the Tonto National Forrest on the north, the McDowell Mountains on the east, and the Salt River on the south.

Hard Drive Recovery in Scottsdale

HDD means hard disk drive, which differs from an SSD by several mechanical components inside the hard disk. Inside you will find a magnetic disc where the data is secured on millions of sectors. In the middle of this magnetic disk is the motor of an HDD, which is necessary for the rotation of the disks.

Hard drive failure can occur due to physical, logical, or mechanical damage.

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Writing and reading the HDD hard disk.

Read/write heads must write to and read from an HDD hard disk. These hover above the magnetic disk in the micro/nanometer range. That is why HDD hard drives are often sensitive to external influences such as fall damage, impact damage, and transport damage.

Rescuing and restoring data from different hard disk sizes such as 1.8″, 2.5″ and 3.5″ it doesn’t matter to us whether it is a SATA hard disk, SCSI hard disk, IDE hard disk or USB, eSATA, and much more.

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Common causes of a mechanically damaged HDD hard drive:

  • Dropped hard drive – Hard drive beeps, grinds, clicks, or clatters
    Electronics of the hard disk defective – due to causes such as voltage peaks, power failure, wrong power supply unit, or overvoltage
  • Hard disk no longer spins up – the motor does not start up
  • Hard drive is making weird, unusual noises
  • Hard drive is no longer recognized – No drive letter
  • HDD hard drive read/write head defective – heads/headstock/head crash

RAID Array Data Recovery in Scottsdale, AZ

raid data recovery

A technology that configures the combination of two or more hard disks in different ways and binds them to a suitable unit. A RAID system can be configured as required, whereby performance, speed, volume, and security can be optimally defined. In a RAID system, several (usually) HDD hard drives are combined into one unit. “RAID” stands for “Redundant Array of Independent Disks.”
Various causes can lead to data loss in your RAID system. PITS Global Data Recovery Services successfully recovers data from faulty RAID systems on a daily basis. Our process and offer include express pick-up and analysis of your RAID system. Contact us to start the evaluation of your system.

Even if specific configurations of RAID systems ensure better data storage security or general performance, several reasons and causes could still lead to data loss. The most common sense for data loss from RAID systems is the failure and defect of one or more integrated hard drives.
Typical reasons for the data recovery of the hard disks if they become defective in the RAID array are, for example:

  • External influences on the RAID system so that the integrated hard drives are broken.
  • Read/write heads of the RAID hard disks are defective
  • RAID hard drives make strange noises (clicking, beeping, or grinding)

    Typical causes of an electronic defect on the hard disks of the RAID system:

  • Voltage spike/lightning strike
  • Voltage fluctuations
  • Heat damage caused by poor server ventilation
    Logical errors HDD hard disk of RAID system:
  • Data deleted
  • RAID formatted
  • Partitions formatted/deleted
  • Virus attack
  • Data loss after a RAID rebuild

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers emergency data recovery for cases when the fastest file restoration is required. With this option, all critical data will be successfully and safely restored from the failed RAID array in 8-48 hours. 

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