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Memory cards of various formats such as CF, SD, and MicroSD are used and distributed in a vast range of external media. These devices include the mobility of user information data, which can be stored, exchanged, and transferred from device to device, significantly expanding the total amount of available data storage space.

With the conversion of all incoming data to digital mode, its available volume has increased significantly. However, the combination of significant design features, internal technological accumulation processes, and the identification of fully identified signs can lead to severe damage. With these factors, there may be no access to storage devices and, as a result, data loss.

Memory Cards Data Failure

One of the common types of memory card malfunction is the file system being in the RAW format. The file system damage makes it impossible to use the data storage further and excludes access to all files located on the device.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services efficiently deals with three main types of CF card corruption that may lead to the file system being identified as RAW.

Physical Damage

Bad Sectors

Software Malfunction

Recently, our data recovery team had a recovery request for a Lexar Professional 800x Compact Flash Card. The memory storage device was not detected in all devices.

The customer tried to open it with different card readers, but they did not see the card and did not open it. A camera with a FAT32 file system also did not detect that there was a Lexar CF card.

When the client connected the card reader in disk management, the data did not open for a long time. The customer contacted our dedicated customer service to get effective CF card recovery. Our highly experienced and qualified team made sure to get all the details about the case before scheduling an evaluation.

Lexar CF Chip-off Recovery Solution

Lexar CF Card Data Repair

After consulting with our customer team representative, the customer shipped the defective memory card to our lab, where the recovery procedure began. To determine the reason for the failure, our engineers performed an evaluation. 

The assessment showed that the chips needed to be physically adjusted. Our recovery team decided to go with a chip-off method to achieve the maximum results.

Chip-off techniques are considered the most challenging for restoring lost data from MicroSD cards. This approach is based on unsoldering a memory chip from a broken device, followed by data reading with specialized tools. It is necessary to process the obtained data further. Using this approach, our data recovery specialists are able to retrieve files from devices that initially appear to be inaccessible.

The chip had to be unsoldered in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom in order to clean its surface and prepare it for additional data extraction. To restore the files, our engineer read and examined the file system. Our experts had to process the files since they had to be converted from RAW format to FAT32 FS format once the data had been recovered from the chip.

Lexar CF Professional File System Data Recovery

During regular operation, files are formatted in FAT, exFAT, or NTFS file systems, which determine the format and method of physical information storage. If the FS of an external or internal hard drive is damaged, data cannot be accessed, and as in the client’s case, an entry appears in the properties about converting the format to RAW.

Using our advanced utilities and the latest tools, engineers created a file image of the information content of the memory chip. After which the received the image file was analyzed and encrypted.

The files were successfully recovered and transferred to a brand-new Compact Flash card. After this, we scheduled a file verification session, in which the client reviewed all the retrieved files and approved the results.

Lexar CF Card Data Recovery

PITS Global Data Recovery Services uses a wide range of techniques to efficiently recover deleted files or lost data. Being ISO certified, we assure the customers that all of our services are safe. Each facility’s engineers regularly attend certification training sessions to increase their knowledge of new, improved recovery techniques and sophisticated technology.

You should not use data recovery software to recover as they usually lead to overwriting lost data, making the data recovery process nearly impossible.

To begin your memory card recovery case, contact us by calling our customer service line. You can also fill in the request help form to submit your case right away.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it’s often possible to recover essential files from a corrupted or damaged CF memory card. However, success depends on factors such as the extent of the damage and the type of data loss. Professional data recovery services like PITS Global specialize in CF card recovery and can maximize your chances of successful retrieval.

If you notice that essential files are missing or inaccessible on your CF card, immediately stop using the card to prevent further damage. Avoid formatting or attempting DIY recovery, as this can worsen the situation. Contact a professional data recovery service like PITS to assess and recover your files.

Data recovery professionals use specialized equipment and software to access and retrieve data from CF memory cards. They employ advanced techniques to reconstruct lost or damaged files, ensuring the highest chances of recovery while preserving data integrity.

The time required for recovery varies based on the size of the card, the amount of data to be recovered, and the extent of the damage. In most cases, data recovery from CF memory cards can be completed within a few days to a couple of weeks.

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