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Data loss can happen to anyone at any time, and it can be a catastrophic event, especially if you do not have a backup. Hard drives are still one of the most common storage media used today, and they are prone to failure due to various reasons. In this blog, we will discuss a real-life case of hard drive data loss that our engineers successfully recovered.

Client's Hitachi Drive Failed

A client came to us with a Hitachi hard drive that had failed, and he urgently needed the data stored on the device. The client had important business and personal data on the device, including financial information, documents, and family photos. He had attempted to recover the data using various data recovery software, but they were unsuccessful.

Evaluation of a Failed Hitachi Hard Drive

When we accepted the drive at one of our facilities, we started working on it immediately. Our first step after receiving the device is to perform its evaluation. With the assessment of the drive, we understand the reason for data loss and the level of damage. Based on the information found due to the scanning process, we find the most successful file recovery strategy for the case. 

After reviewing the client’s drive, our engineers found that it had multiple bad sectors and an electronic failure. We knew that the client’s data was still on the drive, and we had to act fast to recover it. Hence, we selected the recovery strategy for fast and effective data recovery and started to work on the drive.

Hitachi Hard Drive Data Recovery Process

Working in our specialized labs, we achieve the maximum results of recovery. Our facilities have the latest tools and modern equipment for a secure and efficient recovery. In this case, our technicians use specialized hardware and software sets tools to read the data from the bad sectors and rebuild the missing data.

Our engineers recovered 100% of the client’s data from a Hitachi hard disk drive, including the family photos that were priceless to them. The recovery process was finalized within four days. After the completion of recovery, we scheduled a verification session. A client connected to our appliance, reviewed all the recovered files and approved them. Then, we transferred the data to a new drive, and the client was delighted to have his data back.

Our Hard Drive Data Recovery Methods

Hard drive data recovery is a complex and technical process that requires extensive knowledge and expertise. Here are some of the techniques our engineers used to recover the client’s data:

Hitachi Drive Data Recovery Service
  1. Repairing Electronic Failure. Electronic failure is one of the most common reasons for hard drive failure. Our engineers used specialized tools to fix the electronic failure and restore access to the data.
  2. Rebuilding Bad Sectors. Bad sectors are areas on the hard drive that cannot be read due to physical damage. Our engineers used specialized tools to read the data from the bad sectors and rebuild the missing data.
  3. Disk Imaging. Our engineers created a disk image of the client’s hard drive and worked on the image to recover the data. Disk imaging is a process of creating a bit-by-bit copy of the hard drive. This process is done to prevent further damage to the original appliance and to have a backup of the data.
  4. File System Repair. The file system is responsible for organizing and managing the data on the hard drive. In cases where the file system is corrupt, our engineers use specialized methods to repair the file system and restore access to the data.

Data loss can happen to anyone, and it can be a catastrophic event. However, it is possible to recover lost data with the right expertise and tools. 

Our Hitachi hard drive recovery process is a well-defined and structured approach that has evolved over many years of experience. Our data recovery company has a team of experienced engineers who specialize in hard drive data recovery and use the latest techniques to restore lost data. Technicians at PITS work on devices regardless of the data loss scenario, whether it was an accidental deletion, malware, or accidental formation.

If you are experiencing hard drive data loss, contact us today, and we will work tirelessly to retrieve your data. Remember, the sooner you act, the better the chances of data recovery.

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