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A RAID is a data management system organized using identical disks. Data is written in specific partitions, and it is divided into blocks. The number, size of blocks, and methods of writing them depend on how the RAID array is organized. 

Initially, RAID arrays were conceived as data storage systems with an excess safety margin against data loss. However, these reliable systems are not entirely resistant to failures and errors.

Since a RAID array is a composite device, its problems are of a complex nature. Restoring information from RAID is a very complicated process, so the results are achieved only if restoration is professionally performed.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers highly secure and confidential data retrieval solutions for individuals and companies. Our skilled team of data recovery technicians restores data from all types of data storage devices. Data recovery from all sensitive media devices is carried out in an ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom

Call us at (888) 611-0737 to request our advanced data recovery services. Our technicians will restore the data from damaged media storage and confidentially transfer them back to you.

Western Digital from G-RAID Data Recovery

G-RAID 2 Hard Drive Failure

G-RAID 2 is a high-performance media storage system with two enterprise-class hard drives. No matter brand of hard drives used in this device, G-RAID is susceptible to failures. 

It does not mean that your data will be deleted or lost forever, especially if you have taken several steps in advance to preserve sensitive information and contacted a reliable data recovery company.

Recently, we received a request for G-RAID data recovery. The client had two hard drives assembled in RAID 0. He mentioned that while working on his video footage, the editor failed, and files stored on the RAID array became lost.

Our data recovery team received the device and started diagnostics in the specialized lab right away. One hard drive was functional, but the second was faulty. The technician found out that the drive’s spindle motor did not rotate, and the RAID controller was also damaged. Read/write heads could not access the files. Thus, data on the device became inaccessible.

G-RAID HDD Spindle Motor Recovery

The spindle motor is the essential component of a hard drive, responsible for the rotation of the magnetic platters on the axis. Accountable for the stability of rotation, it ensures the trouble-free operation of the hard drive for a long time.

In case of spindle motor failure, our engineers move the magnetic platter to a different hard drive with a fully serviceable motor and extract all files. This method is relatively complex as the platters must be perfectly aligned, as the read and write processes are synchronous.

Our engineer moved magnetic platters to a different hard drive. Platters were aligned correctly, and he could successfully extract all data. Then our specialist had to recover the RAID 0 array and access the files. 

G-RAID Controller Emulation

The RAID controller manages the disk subsystem, is responsible for the operation of disk arrays, and increases server performance and data storage reliability. A RAID controller combines multiple drives into a single array, creating single storage space.

When it fails, the files become inaccessible and lead to complete data loss. So data recovery technicians must emulate the controller in order to access the data.

Hard Drive Data Repair

With years of experience in the data retrieval industry, our highly skilled specialist emulated the RAID controller and extracted all the files. He transferred them to a new hard drive. The customer approved the results via a remote file review session, and we shipped his data back to him.

Our data recovery experts will safely and securely restore all your files and confidentially deliver them to you. We manage to keep a 99% success rate by taking into account even the smallest details about each particular case. Whether your drive has damaged PCB or you hear clicking sounds, we will help you. 

You can get in touch with PITS Global Data Recovery Services by calling (888) 611-0737 or filling out this form. We will be glad to help you deal with any data loss scenario you are facing.

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