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The convenience and high performance of solid-state drives explain their widespread use. People entrust their valuable data to these devices and rely on their work. However, failure of the media is not rare, and SSDs are not an exception, regardless of their durability.

After a failure on a solid-state drive occurs, all the stored files become inaccessible. As a result, a need for data recovery from SSD arises. As these devices are complicated, only experienced engineers can work on them.

One of the widespread manufacturers of SSDs is PNY. Recovery of a PNY SSD, like any other, is required in cases where it is impossible to access data from it. If the data on the media has been deleted or formatted, this does not mean the complete destruction of the files.

The memory of drives with NAND chips is designed in such a way that the data is irreversibly lost only if files are repeatedly overwritten. In other cases, the files can be recovered.

PNY SSD Data Recovery Service

Hence, when a failure on this device occurs, we recommend not to write or delete anything from it. It will worsen the situation and reduce the chances of successful data rescue. So it is better to contact specialists who will restore the solid-state drive competently and with minimal losses.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides PNY SSD users with professional restoration solutions. Our highly qualified engineers securely and confidentially retrieve the files using advanced methods and the latest tools.

PNY SSD Memory Microcontroller Failure

Recently we received a request for an internal PNY solid-state drive data recovery. The customer was working on his projects when the power outage happened. He tried to open his computer, but the PC was not booting, as the operating system was installed on the failed drive.

Then the client tried to recover the drive himself. He removed the SSD from the PC and googled DIY data retrieval methods. But after reading about the possible outcomes of nonprofessional attempts, he decided to entrust his drive to the specialized data recovery company.

After contacting and consulting with specialists at PITS Global Data Recovery Services, the client requested emergency data retrieval process. This option is the best for those who need to access their files as soon as possible. The data is recovered in 8-48 hours.

Our engineers received the hard drive and started the recovery process with evaluation. They found out that the memory controller failure led to data corruption. Thus, the drive could not transfer the files to the PC.

PNY SSD Data Repair

As in the case of flash drives, the SSD failure is solved by unsoldering the NAND chips and transferring them to a new hard drive. But as the microcontroller is not the same, our engineers decrypt the files by emulating the data separation functions of the failed controller.

PNY SSD Data Recovery

Our data recovery experts transferred the NAND chips and started extracting all the data. The client’s SDD microcontroller had PRD level 1 protection.

It is one of the crucial components in protection, included in all lines of microcontrollers. It protects the system firmware stored in the internal flash memory from being read. Depending on the line, additional mechanisms may be included, such as the Memory Protection Unit.

PNY SSD Data Recovery

The debug interface remains active, but flash access is limited. The flash memory is blocked as soon as the debug interface is connected. It cannot be read directly, through DMA, or by executing instructions from it.

Our specialists frequently take qualification courses to increase their knowledge about modern solutions to complicated data loss situations. After the customer’s approval, they successfully recovered all requested files from the hard drive and shipped them to him via a brand-new portable device.

PNY SSD Data Recovery

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services at (888) 611-0737 or by filling in the form to request our cutting-edge data retrieval solutions for a vast variety of media storage. Our dedicated customer services representative will make sure that you have the best experience with our company, and our data recovery experts will safely restore all your files.

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