We know for sure that happy customers are key to success. There are a lot of factors leading to the success of a company, and customer satisfaction is one of them. We constantly track this factor and improve each part of our service. We aim to make our customers more loyal and, as a result, turn them into brand ambassadors.

The ISO 10002 is a complaints-handling process developed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

ISO 10002:2018 Certification

Let’s assume two different situations. The first one is when you order data recovery service from us and leave the facility satisfied. The customer definitely will share this experience with their friends, colleagues, or relatives.

In the second situation you again order data repair service from us, but leave the office unhappy. An unhappy customer will tell friends and colleagues about their experiences, damaging our reputation and probably we will know nothing about it.

We understand these risks, which is why we maintain a 100% customer satisfaction rate and 99% data recovery success rate.

ISO 10002 Quality Management: Customer Satisfaction

Being a responsible and secure data recovery service, we need to be ready for anything – including unsatisfied customers. Because even the most successful companies can sometimes fail. 

Besides, competition in the market increases every day, and customers expect more and more from the data recovery industry. Here ISO 10002 standard comes to the rescue.

  • ISO 10002 provides us with updated guidelines for putting in place our own complaints management system.
  • The system helps us to identify complaints, their cause, and how to eliminate them.
  • ISO 10002 also navigates and shows us the areas of our data recovery business that we need to improve and eventually remove the cause of complaints.
  • This credential points to the management processes that help us handle customer complaints more efficiently.

Our Data Recovery Company’s Advantages

We believe that there is always room for improvement and growth. This is why we regularly improve our service. Our data recovery engineers work in certified cleanrooms with local parts storage, and dozens of special data repair tools. We use only the latest and the best in the market tools.

In addition, our credentials and conditions of work are regularly reviewed by third-party businesses. So, clean rooms’ and tools’ conditions are always up to date.  

Hard Drive Cleanroom.jpg

Besides, we offer not only hard drive data recovery, solid-state drive data recovery, and USB flash drive data recovery. Also, we provide such advanced services as RAID recovery and Data tape recovery. Our experienced data recovery engineers can deliver the case in 8-48 hours for emergency data loss cases.

Still, we prefer to accept only the cases that we have reviewed. This is why we provide our customers with a safe evaluation. 

How Does this Happen?

For example, a customer submits a request or makes a phone call to start his data recovery case. Then, our team delivers his damaged or partially destroyed hard drive device to the nearest facility, and our data recovery engineers review the broken media. After reviewing, they state if they can handle the case. If so, they inform a customer about the pricing and approximate timing turnaround. 

Our Company Successfully Met all the Requirements of ISO 10002:2018 Standard Listed below:

  • Guiding Principles
  • Individual Complaints-Handling Framework
  • List of Procedures (training, internal audit, risk management, and more)
  • Complaint Handling Policy
  • Training Report and Audit Plan
  • List of Licenses and Certificates

and more.

Contact our customer service team at (888) 611-0737 today to learn more about our company. If you have a failed device, submit a request form, and we will respond to you as quickly as possible.