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Companies sometimes must store large volumes of valuable data for their operation. BTRFS is a next-generation file system. It is designed to effectively meet the needs of companies that encounter problems in their storage system.

The BTRFS file system provides companies with tools to regularly back up their data. These tools are intended to help the company in its operation. They are installed directly on Synology NAS servers.

What is Data Recovery?

Recovery is a computer operation that recovers or restores your lost data. For example, digital documents are deleted due to improper handling or mechanical or electronic failure. However, recovering your data is a very complex procedure. Only in specialized laboratories can one find the expertise and equipment to be used in an operation of this magnitude.

This is why specialists strongly advise against handling damaged data storage media yourself. Also, refrain from making use of data recovery software. An attempt like this could cause the problem to escalate and even jeopardize your chances of recovering your lost or corrupted data.

Specific steps must be followed when you want to set up a data recovery process in a company:

  • Evaluate the situation to estimate the problem and be able to make a decision;
  • Diagnose the origin of the breakdown after receipt of the equipment. Although each case is unique, thus requiring an appropriate response, recovery must be made by the rules of use in this area. Therefore, thanks to the diagnosis, professionals can determine the cost of the operation and even its feasibility;
  • Entrust the recovery to the technicians and engineers responsible for carrying out manipulations during the extraction of the data;
  • Return the extracted data to the customer by sending it on a new medium.

Some advantages of the BTRFS file system

As a BTRFS file system user, this tool offers various advantages when implementing BTRFS volumes on Synology NAS. Maintaining metadata in good condition is essential in any data storage system and operating system.

On each volume, the recording of BTRFS files is done in two copies on the write of metadata. This way, if the hard drive has bad sectors or is damaged, data recovery is not compromised. Indeed, the sensitive information they contain prominently includes file names, their location, folder structures, and access permissions.

Spontaneous repair of BTRFS files is another advantage of the BTRFS file system. Detecting errors is a real headache when using a classic data storage system. This usually results in corrupted data being delivered without a warning or error message. It is to avoid such disappointments that BTRFS performs numerous checks on the data being read and the metadata.

If a mismatch is found, the BTRFS filesystem automatically detects corrupted files. The snapshot function of BTRFS ensures the creation of a copy on write in a shared folder. This way, if the database is lost or corrupted due to human error, its recovery is immediate. The BTRFS partition relies on when the snapshot was captured to restore deleted or corrupted data.

btrfs file system data recovery

Why hire a professional data recovery company?

Support from a professional data recovery service protects you from information leaks and industrial espionage. Above all, it should not be forgotten that these specialists respect the confidential nature of the digital information they are responsible for extracting. The other advantage of this approach is the hardware manufacturer’s warranty retention. To put it simply, the reasons that can justify using a qualified professional to recover your data are multiple.

First, the specialist can make an accurate and immediate diagnosis. When you request a technician’s intervention to recover your data, the first thing he does is establish a diagnosis of the problem. Considering the situation’s urgency, the latter will present the result of his diagnosis to you as soon as he has confirmation.

Secondly, a company specializing in data recovery provides you with a modern infrastructure of virtual machines and a team of computer and electronics experts. The expertise of this valuable resource covers all aspects related to the loss of your files. Their field of competence also includes the operation of modern equipment, including backup tools like BTRFS.

Third, a company that engages in this activity generally offers quality services. To avoid tarnishing the company’s image, such services are not subcontracted. In addition, this ensures complete customer satisfaction.

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