What is a Helium Hard Drive

Technology is continuously upgrading to the next level and improving IT performance with new inventions. One of the cutting-edge devices created for better data storage is the helium hard drive.

Helium hard drives are relatively new but efficient media suitable for individual and enterprise-level appliances. The reason for using helium in these devices is that it has lower density and specific heat than all nonflammable substances. For this reason, helium is used to produce these new drives.

Helium Hard Drive Definition

A helium hard drive is a high-capacity HDD filled with helium instead of air. This helium is hermetically sealed during the drive manufacturing to prevent it from leakage.

Efforts to create helium hard drives were made in the 1970s, but the first one was finally manufactured in 2013 by HGST (now Western Digital). This hard drive was 3.5 inches with a capacity of 6TB. The size of this drive is constantly decreasing while the storage capacity is increasing. Nowadays, these drives are produced by Seagate, Toshiba, and Western Digital.

What is a Helium Hard Drive

Helium Hard Drives Advantages

More Storage Capacity

Helium, compared to air, allows employing of thinner disks inside a hard drive. This way, the storage capacity of the device is increasing, and users can store more data in a hard drive.

Low Power Consumption

Another advantage of thinner disks and less drag in helium hard disk drives is that they require less power. This is a significant factor for portable devices, as it increases their battery life.

Less Noise

The low level of air turbulence inside the drive reduces the amount of vibration made. This characteristic results in the more efficient and less noisy operation of the helium hard drive.

Lower Risk of Internal Damage

These hard drives are filled with helium and thoroughly sealed to prevent helium from leakage. Because of it, helium is kept inside, while all the contaminants remain outside.

This device is a perfect solution for users who use a large amount of data in their everyday life. However, there are also some disadvantages when using helium hard drives.

Helium is a rare gas, so producing hard drives with filled-in helium is expensive. Therefore, these devices have a higher price than air-filled hard drives. In addition, helium hard drives have a limited lifespan. The helium inside these devices can escape over time regardless of the sealing durability.

Special Techniques for Helium-Filled Hard Drives

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Frequently Asked Questions

A helium hard drive, also known as a helium-filled hard drive, is a type of hard disk drive (HDD) that uses helium gas instead of air in the drive enclosure. This helium atmosphere reduces air resistance, allowing the internal components to operate with less friction and heat.

  • Increased Storage Capacity: Helium drives can fit more platters and read/write heads inside the same form factor, leading to higher storage capacities.

  • Lower Power Consumption: The reduced air resistance allows the drive to consume less power, resulting in lower operating temperatures and energy savings.

  • Improved Reliability: With lower heat and friction, helium drives tend to experience less wear and tear, potentially leading to increased reliability and longer lifespans.

While helium drives offer potential reliability benefits due to reduced heat and friction, their reliability is not solely determined by the helium filling. Factors like drive quality, usage conditions, and manufacturer specifications play a significant role in reliability. It’s important to choose drives from reputable manufacturers and maintain proper usage and cooling conditions.

Yes, helium hard drives are compatible with standard drive bays and connectors, making them suitable for most systems that support 3.5-inch or 2.5-inch HDDs. Ensure that your system’s specifications match the drive’s requirements in terms of power and interface (SATA, SAS, etc.).

Helium hard drives don’t require special handling or maintenance beyond what’s typical for HDDs. However, it’s essential to avoid physical shocks, extreme temperatures, and static electricity when handling and installing any hard drive.