WD80EMAZ Data Recovery

The electronics board or PCB is one of the main components of a hard drive. It is designed to control the operation of magnetic heads, motors, and interfaces. Like a computer, the HDD electronics board includes a central processing unit, RAM, ROM, power supplies, and input-output devices. The failure of the electronics board makes it impossible for a hard drive to continue operating.

Causes of Failure of The Electronics Board

Incorrect connection to the power supply

For an external hard drive, this may be an incompatible power adapter. For hard drives for a computer, the power supply connector is reversed 180 degrees.

Overheating is a source of malfunctions for any electronics

A faulty or poor-quality system unit ventilation system, a covered external hard drive, or a dirty laptop cooling radiator is the main reason for the failure of hard drive electronics and mechanics.

Liquid spillage due to negligent use

The hard drive may be splashed with liquid or dropped into it. Turning on a wet hard drive will almost certainly end in burning the circuit. To access data, a specialized lab is required.

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides reliable data recovery services for hard drives. We securely and confidentially restore crucial files from SSDs, HDDs, and RAIDs.

Western Digital Hard Drive Data Loss

Recently our data recovery team received Western Digital Internal 8TB HDD for an evaluation. The client used the hard disk for reliable and cost-effective media storage on his PC. But sudden failure in the power system of client’s house damaged the computer.

WD80EMAZ Data Recovery

The customer unsuccessfully tried to access his data via several connectors, but the drive was not showing up. After looking online for a reliable data recovery company, the customer decided to entrust his device to us. The technician got the media storage and started diagnostics. 

The expert first made the visual control of the integrity of the board’s electronics. Semiconductor devices during an electrical breakdown perform differently: they can get very hot and change color, breaking down.

Our engineer finished the visual control and started instrumental control. A voltmeter and an ohmmeter are usually sufficient to diagnose a repairable electronics board.

The results of the diagnostics were that due to the power failure, the PCB burnt out. Thus the hard disk drive could not be connected to that PC for any data reading/writing function. As soon as the inspection was over, our engineer started to recover the vital files.

In cases where a hard disk drive’s printed circuit board (PCB) is burnt out, it’s important to seek professional assistance from a data recovery service provider that specializes in WD internal HDD PCB recovery. These specialists have the expertise and specialized tools required to diagnose and repair PCB issues, as well as to recover your valuable data safely and efficiently. 

In situations where the PCB is damaged due to power failure or other causes, it’s crucial to power down the device immediately and avoid attempting to recover data yourself, as this can lead to further damage and data loss. By entrusting your device to experienced professionals, you can increase the chances of successful data recovery and minimize the risk of further damage to your hard disk drive.

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WD Internal HDD PCB Recovery

It was not enough to match only the hard disk drive model to replace a faulty electronics board since hard drives of the same model can easily belong to different lines, and hard drives of the same line have boards of different configurations. Therefore, in order to quickly and safely select electronic boards for hard drives, our technician needed to have quite a profound knowledge of complex data recovery solutions for hard drives.

To adapt the electronics board to a compatible revision, our expert had to transfer the ROM chip to a working board. Reading the ROM and writing to the spare board to adapt it to the hard disk was also performed due to the absence of a separate microcircuit. 

WD HDD Data Recovery Process

When analyzing all the available data, our engineer could not proceed due to error messages. He found out that the HDD had bad sectors.

This malfunction damages an arbitrary number of sectors on the hard drive to the point where their reading by the heads in the normal mode of the hard disk becomes impossible. 

Another cause is when the drive’s surface degrades to a state where reading sectors are possible, but it is prolonged. It does not fully allow the drive to work with the operating system and user data. 

WD 80EMAZ Data Recovery

Our highly qualified technician restored all the bad blocks using our scripts. Then, he securely transferred crucial files to a new hard drive. The customer reviewed the results via a remote session and approved them. After sending the client’s data back, we deleted all the backups stored on our server.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, data recovery is possible in most cases of data loss from WD 80EMAZ hard drives. However, it’s important to act promptly and avoid further damage to the drive. Seek professional assistance from data recovery experts like PITS Global Data Recovery Services.

DIY data recovery attempts are strongly discouraged, especially when dealing with physically damaged drives like WD 80EMAZ. Incorrect actions can worsen the damage and decrease the chances of successful recovery. Seek professional help from experts experienced in WD 80EMAZ data recovery.

The time required for data recovery depends on various factors, including the severity of the issue and the volume of data to be recovered. During the evaluation process, our team at PITS Global Data Recovery Services will provide you with an estimated turnaround time.

While some data loss incidents are unavoidable, you can take precautions to minimize the risk. Regularly back up your data to an external source and handle your WD 80EMAZ drive with care to prevent physical damage.

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