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Flooding causes serious damage to computer systems and can result in significant data loss. Modern systems are very sensitive to moisture and contamination. Water damage impacts the mechanical and electronic components of solid state drives and other storage devices.

It should be noted that damage to HDDs, SSDs, etc., and devices from liquid contact becomes more significant over time. A large number of electronic components are subjected to destruction and corrosion within a few days. If water infiltrates the sealed compartment safeguarding the delicate parts of an OCZ SSD, the resulting damage can be substantial. In such a crucial scenario, the only safe way to clean the device is in a specialized cleanroom.

Evaluation of Process Water Damaged Vector SSD

Recently, our team received an OCZ Vector solid-state drive for data recovery. The client had a laptop for work projects and storing his personal files. When he was reviewing finished projects, he accidentally spilled water on the computer. The computer shut down and would not turn back on.

Data Recovery from SSD

After reading through our website, he decided to entrust his device to our experts. Our data recovery technicians received the drive and started technical inspection immediately. 

First, they unsealed the drive in our ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. To avoid severe SSD damage, the engineer wiped it with a lint-free towel. The specialist ensured that the process was done safely without damaging the drive by static electricity.

Our expert determined that the water damaged the SATA interface and the memory controller. Then he estimated the turnaround time and chances for successful data recovery. After receiving the customer’s approval, we started to retrieve lost data.

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Data Recovery From Water Damaged Vector SSD

Water ingress can cause immediate damage to the SSD and noticeable corrosion can occur within a few hours. Successful data recovery largely depends on the actions taken after the water damage. As the client turned off the laptop immediately, there was no visible corrosion.

The first step in retrieving lost data was unsoldering microchips. It was carried out using a hot air soldering station with additional heating. Particular attention at this stage should be paid to compliance with thermal regulation and the use of high-quality fluxes.

These chips are critical to overheating, and overheating can result in data loss. Hence, the experience of the data recovery engineer is crucial for OCZ Vector recovery. Our technician unsoldered the NAND memory chips and started to read their content in a hardware programmer.

The programmer is a hardware-software device designed to write information to read-only memory. In addition to recording, the device lets read data from the ROM of the microcircuit. After successful data extraction, the expert had to analyze it and create a sector-to-sector copy.

OCZ Vector SSD Sector to Sector Data Retrieval

Sector-to-sector cloning transfers the layout and contents of drives, performed by sector-by-sector copying. This copying method is used by our experts for various malfunctions when backing up or cloning data. 

Our company managed to decipher the algorithm of the OCZ Vector translator, so we have the opportunity to recreate the disk image as seen by the operating system and, accordingly, read the data directly from the memory chips bypassing the SATA interface and the controller.

OCZ Vector SSD Data Recovery

Our data recovery engineer successfully cloned the solid state drive and transferred the access files to a new SSD. The customer reviewed the recovery results and approved them. Then we shipped his data back and deleted it entirely from our servers. 


Water damage to an OCZ SSD can be devastating, but with the right tools and techniques, successful data recovery is possible. It is crucial to act quickly and seek professional assistance from experienced data recovery engineers. By utilizing advanced technology and expertise, we were able to retrieve the client’s lost data from their water-damaged OCZ Vector SSD.

Contact us for any data loss emergency, and we will use our expertise and resources to help you recover your valuable data. Don’t let water damage hold you back from retrieving your important files and memories; trust our team of experts for a successful recovery process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your OCZ SSD has been exposed to water damage, it is crucial to act promptly. First, disconnect the SSD from the power source to prevent further damage. Avoid attempting to power it on or connect it to a computer as this may cause irreversible data loss. Next, gently dry the SSD by patting it with a soft cloth or paper towel. Do not use heat sources such as a hairdryer, as excessive heat can cause more harm. After drying, place the SSD in an airtight bag with silica gel packets or uncooked rice to absorb moisture. Seek professional assistance from a data recovery specialist experienced in handling water-damaged SSDs. They have the necessary tools and expertise to assess the extent of the damage and perform specialized recovery techniques to retrieve your data.

Recovering data from a water-damaged OCZ SSD is a complex process that requires specialized equipment and expertise. Attempting DIY data recovery methods may further damage the SSD or result in permanent data loss. It is best to consult a professional data recovery service with experience in handling water-damaged SSDs. They have the necessary resources and cleanroom facilities to safely recover your data and maximize the chances of a successful recovery.

The cost of professional data recovery for water-damaged OCZ SSDs varies depending on several factors, including the extent of the damage, the complexity of the recovery process, and the data recovery service provider you choose. Each case is unique, so it is recommended to contact data recovery specialists for a comprehensive evaluation and a quote based on your specific situation.

While professional data recovery services employ advanced techniques to maximize the chances of a successful recovery, data recovery from water-damaged SSDs is not always guaranteed. The outcome depends on the extent of the damage, the condition of the SSD, and other factors. Data recovery specialists will assess the situation and provide a realistic evaluation of the chances of recovering your data. It is important to understand that there is always a possibility of data loss, especially in severe cases of water damage.

To prevent water damage to your OCZ SSD, take precautionary measures such as keeping liquids away from your computer, using protective covers or cases, and avoiding exposure to environments with high humidity or moisture. It is also advisable to regularly back up your data to an external storage device or cloud-based service to minimize the impact of any potential data loss.