Seagate FireCuda Hard Drive Data Recovery

A block of magnetic heads in a hard disk drive is a complex electromechanical component designed to read and write information on the surface of magnetic disks. Damage to the magnetic heads unit is one of the most complicated causes of failure in hard drives. A distinctive feature of this breakdown is that the hard disk, as a rule, makes extraneous sounds and is not detected in the BIOS. 

Sometimes the disk can be determined by the wrong size, but this happens after the spindle is stopped. The electronics board goes into service mode. In this case, the disk passport will indicate the incorrect volume, such as 0 bytes or 3.18 GB.

Symptoms of The BMH Malfunction

  • The Hard Drive Is Not Detected In The BIOS
  • It Makes Clicks, Sometimes Squeaking Sounds
  • It Is Detected and Does Not Allow Loading Of The OS

Data recovery in case of such malfunctions at a nonspecialized facility is impossible due to the complexity of the technological process and the relatively long execution time. One of the most critical factors is the inability to create an environment at least slightly close to laboratory conditions. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services provides reliable HDD data recovery solutions. Highly qualified engineers perform data recovery from hard drives with the damaged block of magnetic heads on stationary equipment.

Damaged Seagate FireCuda Hard Drive

Recently, our team received a data recovery request for Seagate FireCuda 8TB Internal Hard Drive with 3.5 Inch SATA 6 Gb/s 7200RPM 256MB Cache for Computer Desktop PC. The customer stored the memorable photos of her children on this device, but a sudden power outage damaged the media storage while she was working on the computer.

Barracuda Seagate Data Recovery Service

The client tried to access the data by removing the HDD and reading it with various connectors. The attempts were not successful. Only knocking sounds were heard. The customer could not access her files, so she decided to entrust the device to our experts.

Our data recovery technicians received the hard drive and started diagnostics in the ISO Certified Class 10 Cleanroom. 

The inspection showed that due to the power outage, the drive’s actuator arms rushed the magnetic heads to the parking zone. This process bent the magnetic heads, making them nonfunctional.

The hard disk drive’s magnetic platters were examined using various light sources, different parts of the spectrum, polarized, gas-discharge, etc., and a microscope to determine mechanical damage and data recovery capabilities. No circular scratches were found. After receiving approval from the customer, the engineer started recovering the data.

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Seagate FireCuda Magnetic Head Failure

Donor selection is one of the most complex and unpredictable stages in data recovery. Firstly, replacing read/write heads is a temporary and ineffective measure since a hard drive is a non-repairable device. After opening the containment area of a hard drive, it can not continue to work but should be ready to extract data. 

Secondly, information about the compatibility and type of components used is not indicated anywhere. Even a complete match of all the letters of the model, batch, release date, and other information from the disc label does not guarantee the compatibility of components.

Replacing the block of magnetic heads required maximum concentration from our specialist. The replacement was done in a lab by an experienced technician who has received additional training and is experienced enough to work with fragile disks. Special BMH pullers were used to replace the block of magnetic heads. 

Seagate FireCuda Data Recovery

When taking out the disk heads, they were not in contact with each other or the surface. After the engineer replaced the magnetic heads successfully, he began retrieving data from the Seagate drive.

FireCuda Hard Drive Data Recovered

After successful engraftment of the donor’s heads, a sector-by-sector copy is taken from the faulty disk as a storage device with unreadable sectors. It was done to minimize the disk load because the HDD with the replaced head unit can no longer work as a functional drive. 

The most significant reason for it is micro-displacements in the mounting structure of the magnetic head unit. 

To speed up the extraction process, it was possible to construct separate sections containing valuable data. They were maps of files and folders, that did not contain failures, exclusion of areas with scratches, skipping faulty sections, etc.

Our data recovery expert recovered all of the vital files. We shipped the client’s data back to her after she approved the results. 

Contact our customer services team to receive help with your device. You can also fill out the request help form to start your data recovery case immediately. Our highly-trained experts will successfully restore all the lost data.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seagate FireCuda is a popular line of hard drives manufactured by Seagate Technology. Known for their reliability and high storage capacities, FireCuda drives are commonly used in desktop computers, gaming consoles, and external storage solutions.

Magnetic heads failure refers to a situation where the read/write heads of a hard drive become damaged or malfunction. The heads are responsible for reading and writing data on the magnetic platters inside the hard drive. When they fail, it can result in data loss or inaccessibility.

There are several signs that may indicate magnetic heads failure in a Seagate FireCuda hard drive. These include unusual clicking or grinding noises coming from the drive, frequent read/write errors, the drive not being recognized by the computer, or experiencing slow and erratic performance. If you suspect magnetic heads failure, it is advisable to stop using the drive and seek professional data recovery services.

Yes, data recovery is possible from a Seagate FireCuda hard drive with magnetic heads failure. However, it is a complex and delicate process that requires specialized equipment, expertise, and a controlled environment. Professional data recovery service providers have the necessary tools and knowledge to recover data from failed hard drives, including those with magnetic heads failure. It is important to contact a reputable data recovery service as soon as possible to maximize the chances of successful data recovery.

While magnetic heads failure can occur due to various reasons, there are a few preventive measures that can help reduce the risk. Firstly, handle the hard drive with care and avoid subjecting it to physical shocks or drops. It is also important to ensure the drive is kept in a cool and dust-free environment, as excessive heat and dust can contribute to drive failure. Regularly backing up your important data is crucial, as it provides a secondary copy in case of any unforeseen failures.

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