SanDisk Extreme PRO Data Recovery

Essential Video Materials Lost due to Logical Failure is a significant issue many content creators and media professionals face, often resulting in losing invaluable data and hours of creative work. In modern technology and portable devices, SD, SDHC, and XD memory cards are widely used as data storage devices. They are responsible for storing and overwriting phone files and photos in the cameras. There are often physical breakdowns or file system failures when using reader cards.

The causes of Data Loss Scenarios on Memory Cards are:

  • Sudden Removal of Memory Card 
  • Formatting of Memory Card
  • Sudden Power Failure 
  • Accidentally Pressing the Delete All Option
  • Ignoring Battery Low Warning
  • Ignoring Memory Full Warning
  • Memory Card Locked Error
  • Corrupted Or Damaged Memory Card

In any case, the information on the memory chips is not lost, and a reliable data recovery company can restore it. PITS Global Data Recovery Services offers secure and confidential data restoration solutions. Our engineers perform various techniques to extract data safely without damaging it.

SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC Recovery

Our technicians recently received a SanDisk Extreme Pro SDXC 256GB memory card for an expedited evaluation. The client was a videographer who saved footage from a recent video shoot to this media storage. 

She encrypted the memory card but forgot the password and could not access the files. The data recovery team received the drive and immediately started diagnostics. 

The technician found that the customer tried decrypting the SanDisk data storage device using memory card recovery software. But it only damaged the logical structure and made further restoration more complicated.

SanDisk SD Card Data Repair

When a flash drive is encrypted, access to its data is impossible. Unless they are connected using the original utility, which is a decryption key.

Our technicians recover encrypted files with the help of advanced data recovery tools and years of experience. They connect the container files created in the lab as virtual logical drives and encrypt/decrypt the data in the background. 

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SanDisk Extreme Pro Decryption

Our SanDisk data recovery specialist made a picture of the drive. He looked at the contents of the image and found out that the flash drive used the exFAT file system. The boot sector of the file system has been modified by the hardware in which the memory card was located. 

An encrypted file system allows individual users of the system to encrypt their data in the file system using unique keys. Each user has a key associated with it. In the client’s case, decrypting the files was achieved by analyzing all data and reconstructing file trees based on the remaining records of folders and files. 

Under normal conditions, even with a total loss of data on the exFAT, the so-called draft recovery can restore the data – searching for files’ signatures. A signature was used to distinguish one file type from another. It was placed at the beginning of the files.

At the same time, our data recovery engineer used particular data decrypting keys of our design to search for fragmented files. The engineer decrypted the data and restored the media storage’s logical structure.

Memory Card File System Recovery

Compared to FAT32 exFAT, the number of rewrites of sectors responsible for directly storing information had been significantly reduced. It was crucial for flash drives due to the irreversible wear of cells after a certain number of write operations, and the mechanism for allocating free space was also improved.

SanDisk SD Card Data Recovery

Our technician started recovering the logical structure with a virtual hard disk image – this eliminates additional data loss. He did not restore individual data but the directory structure. SDXC has a complex structure, including sectors, logical volumes, and partition tables.

The file system contains a copy of the damaged sector in case the main one is damaged. He copied it to the right place in the image and loaded the image as a virtual disk.

The data became available through the Windows operating system. 99,6% of all the files were successfully restored and shipped back to the customer. Our data recovery team received positive feedback and closed the case.

With the help of a cutting-edge lab equipped with advanced data recovery tools, we solve the problems of drives with damaged sectors. Attempts to restore data using standard encryption tools and data recovery software may worsen the situation and complicate further work. 

Our engineers’ experience in SanDisk recovery and the correct use of professional tools give the maximum result without creating additional risks for data recovery. Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services by calling our customer service line or filling out the request help form to start your data recovery case today.

Frequently Asked Questions

A logical failure occurs when data becomes inaccessible or is lost due to issues with the file system, software corruption, accidental deletion, or other non-physical factors. These failures can render video materials inaccessible, but the underlying data may still be recoverable.

Yes, video materials lost due to logical failures can often be recovered. Professional data recovery services like PITS Global specialize in addressing logical failures, employing advanced techniques and software to restore lost video files.

If you notice missing or corrupted video materials due to a logical failure, stop using the storage media immediately to prevent overwriting the data. Do not attempt to repair or recover the files using generic software. Contact a professional data recovery service for assessment and recovery.

Data recovery professionals use specialized software and techniques to scan the affected storage media and identify recoverable video files. They can then rebuild the file structures, repair corruption, and retrieve the video materials.