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Data loss is an unexpected situation that can occur on the media device in a moment. There are many data storage maintenance practices that help users to prevent any issues. Nevertheless, there are still unforeseen problems that can result in file inaccessibility. 

There are various causes of data loss, including accidental deletion, power surge, malware, physical damage, and many more. Regardless of the reason for data failure, the results are equally critical.

When facing file inaccessibility on the device, users react differently. Some try to solve the problem by looking for data recovery tutorials, and some search for reliable restoration providers. Today, we discuss why it is beneficial to entrust your case to professionals. 

Risks of At-Home Data Recovery

To solve a data loss situation as soon as possible, many users decide to solve it themselves. There are many data recovery methods, including programs and guidelines, on the Internet. However, employing various techniques on your fragile device is not a good option. 

Using data recovery software on your media can be very risky. These restoration tools do not guarantee successful results and can worsen the situation. 

Corrupted Hard Drive Data Recovery

You can not highlight the high-priority files while using the disk utility, so there is a high chance that it will restore only unnecessary documents. In contrast, the valuable data will be overwritten.

Another risk of using a data recovery tool on your media is malware infection. Downloading and installing unverified software on your device is very dangerous, as it can insert viruses. In this case, the chances for complete file recovery will significantly decrease.

If the data loss occurs due to the media failure, users try to repair the device to access essential files. Opening the device is one of the first steps in the DIY recovery process. Unsealing the media in unspecialized facilities can cause irreversible damage.

Even the tiniest dust particle or unacceptable humidity level can affect the chance of recovery. Without safety standards in a house, you risk losing your files permanently.

Additionally, when replacing broken components of your device, it is essential to find a compatible part. This process can be tricky, as finding the same model and same-year part is crucial not to ruin the device. Sometimes, it needs a specific adjustment, which can be complicated if you do not have experience in this field. 

What to Do When Data Loss Occurs

Several signs can indicate a data loss on your device: slow file access speed, frequent error messages, overheating, and unusual sounds

As soon as noticing any of these symptoms on your device, power it down. It is also vital to unplug it from a power source to avoid any subsequent failures. 

Recovery of Failed Hard Drives

Note: Do not try to rerun your device or connect it to another appliance. This action can cause irreversible impairment to the sensitive device and loss of deleted data.

The data loss problem can be easily solved if you have a backup of your essential files. However, without a backup, you need skilled specialists to work on your case.

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Why Choose Our Data Recovery Service

PITS Global Data Recovery Services is an accredited and certified company that offers qualified solutions for any data loss scenario. Our engineers perform restoration from various operating systems, storage devices, and file systems.

By providing our clients with an extensive set of recovery solutions, we can help with any data loss case. Our company also expands its network of facilities to serve every state and city in the United States. Hence, with our vast range of solutions and number of locations, we support a 100% customer satisfaction rate.  

Our Data Recovery Specialists

PITS Global Data Recovery Services work on fragile media devices in specialized labs, including Class 10 ISO Certified Cleanroom

This way, we provide our customers with the highest level of security, protecting their devices from external dangers. Working in a controlled environment using advanced tools, our team obtains the highest in the industry success rate. 

Become one of our successful cases by filling out the request help form or calling our customer service line. Our company will do everything to help you with the device and recover your lost files. 

Frequently Asked Questions

DIY data recovery refers to the process of attempting to recover lost or inaccessible data from storage devices such as hard drives, solid-state drives (SSDs), USB drives, or memory cards without the assistance of professional data recovery services.

a) Permanent data loss: Without proper knowledge and experience, DIY attempts may further damage the storage device, making data recovery impossible by professionals. It is crucial to handle delicate hardware and follow correct procedures to avoid irreversible data loss.

b) Voiding warranty: Opening or tampering with a storage device can void its warranty. DIY data recovery may lead to the loss of warranty coverage, leaving you responsible for any repairs or replacements.

c) Incomplete recovery: DIY methods may retrieve some files, but they often lack the sophistication and specialized tools used by professionals. This can result in incomplete data recovery, leaving important files unrecovered.

d) Increased data corruption: Incorrect handling of storage devices during DIY recovery attempts can lead to further data corruption. This can make the data recovery process even more challenging or impossible.

e) Privacy and security risks: DIY recovery methods often involve software tools downloaded from the internet. Relying on unverified or malicious software can expose your sensitive data to security breaches or compromise your privacy.

Professional data recovery services have specialized knowledge, experience, and state-of-the-art equipment to handle various data loss scenarios. They follow strict protocols and take necessary precautions to ensure the highest chances of successful recovery without causing further damage to the data or storage device.

It is advisable to consider professional data recovery services in the following situations:

a) Physical damage: If your storage device has suffered physical damage due to impact, water, fire, or any other reason, professional services are essential to recover data without exacerbating the damage.

b) Mechanical failures: When your hard drive or other storage devices exhibit mechanical issues like clicking sounds or not spinning, professional expertise is necessary to address the hardware problems and retrieve the data safely.

c) Time-sensitive data: If the lost data is critical and time-sensitive, professional services offer the best chance of swift and efficient recovery, minimizing potential delays and risks associated with DIY attempts.

While data loss can be unpredictable, you can take proactive measures to minimize the risk:

a) Regular backups: Maintain regular backups of your important data on separate storage devices or cloud storage services. This ensures that even if data loss occurs, you have a copy to restore from.

b) Quality storage devices: Invest in reliable and reputable storage devices to reduce the chances of hardware failures or corruption.

c) Avoid mishandling: Handle your storage devices with care, avoiding dropping, exposing to extreme temperatures, or other potential hazards.

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