Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive Recovery

Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drives are one of the most popular options for surveillance systems due to their high capacity and reliability. However, even with the best hardware, failure is always possible. In this case, we will explore a data recovery scenario where multiple Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drives fail and how we successfully recovered the data.

Background of the Damaged Surveillance System

Recently, an auto salon in California got robbed. The burglars stole some of the expensive cars and damaged the surveillance system. The surveillance system used Seagate SkyHawk hard drives to store the footage, but unfortunately, the hard drives were damaged during the robbery.

Although they reported the incident to the police, the company wanted to recover the damaged hard drives to retrieve the footage. If they could retrieve the files, it would help the investigation and potentially lead to finding the stolen cars. Also, for insurance purposes, the company wanted to retrieve the data for insurance claims.

The auto salon contacted a professional data recovery service for assistance in recovering the damaged hard drives. Upon receiving the company’s call, our team of experts responded quickly and suggested shipping the damaged hard drives to our cleanroom facility for evaluation.

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Evaluation Process of the Damaged SkyHawk Hard Drives

After receiving the damaged hard drives, our team of experts began the evaluation process. The first step was determining the extent of the damage and potential causes. We found that all six Seagate SkyHawk hard drives were physically damaged due to excessive shock and impact. The burglars likely caused the damage by attempting to forcefully remove the hard drives from the surveillance system.

The impact damaged the internal components of the hard drives, including the read/write heads, platters, and circuit boards. 

Some of the hard drives’ connectors were bent or broken, making it difficult to connect them to our data recovery equipment.

Our team of experts then thoroughly inspected the damaged components and determined that specific parts needed replacement.

Based on the evaluation results, our team provided the auto salon with a detailed price quote for the data recovery service. 

Seagate Skyhawk Hard Drive Recovery

We also explained that there is no guarantee of 100% successful recovery due to the extent of physical damage. The client approved the price quote and permitted us to proceed with the data recovery process.

Data Recovery Process of Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drives

Since the hard drives were severely damaged, our team used specialized tools and techniques to recover the data. The first step was repairing or replacing the damaged components, including the read/write heads, platters, and circuit boards.

Our vast inventory of donor parts helped replace the damaged components, ensuring compatibility and success in data recovery. 

Seagate Hard Drive Head Swap

Once the replacement was complete, our team performed logical and physical data extraction using advanced software and equipment.

The process took several days due to the extensive damage. However, our team of experts patiently worked on the hard drives until they retrieved all the data.

After several days of diligent work, our team recovered all the data from the damaged Seagate SkyHawk hard drives. We retrieved over 95% of the surveillance footage, including footage from before and after the robbery.

Remote Customer  File Verification Session

We securely transferred those into the new storage unit. Then, we set up a remote customer file verification session. The auto salon’s staff could view and verify the recovered footage during the session. They confirmed that our data recovery team had successfully retrieved all necessary data.

We securely wiped off their server and re-uploaded their files with a thorough file system check. We also provided them an encrypted copy of the recovered files for extra security and peace of mind.

Finally, we shipped the recovered hard drives and their data to the auto salon. They were pleasantly surprised to see the success of the data recovery process.


Data loss can occur for various reasons, including physical damage to hard drives. In this case, our team of experts successfully recovered over 95% of the data from six severely damaged Seagate SkyHawk hard drives. We provided secure data transfer, remote file verification sessions, and additional security measures to ensure the client’s peace of mind.

Our extensive experience, advanced tools, and techniques make us one of the industry’s leading data recovery specialists. If you ever face a data loss situation, do not hesitate to contact us for professional and efficient data recovery services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Seagate SkyHawk Hard Drive Recovery is a professional data recovery service specifically designed for Seagate SkyHawk hard drives. We use specialized tools and techniques to recover data from physically damaged or failed Seagate SkyHawk hard drives.

If your Seagate SkyHawk hard drive fails, stop using it immediately to avoid further damage. Contact a professional data recovery service as soon as possible. Using the drive or attempting DIY recovery methods can significantly reduce the chances of successful data recovery.

The duration of the data recovery process for Seagate SkyHawk hard drives depends on several factors, including the severity of the damage and the complexity of the recovery. While some recoveries can be completed within a few days, more severely damaged drives may require weeks of meticulous work to successfully retrieve data. Our team will provide a timeline estimate after evaluating the damaged hard drive.

Yes, we offer remote customer file verification sessions for clients to view and verify the data they have recovered. This ensures transparency and allows for any necessary adjustments or additional requests to be made before finalizing the recovery process.