Recovered Backup Files from Seagate BlackArmor WS 110 Drive

In this case study, we will discuss a real-life scenario where our team had to deal with a client facing issues with their external hard drive. The client, based in Atlanta, owned a Seagate BlackArmor PS 110 device and could not access it. We will discuss how our team approached this issue and the steps we took to recover the important data stored on the drive.

Background of Failed BlackArmor PS 110 External Hard Drive

Recently, a customer from Atlanta, Georgia, faced a major issue with their Seagate BlackArmor PS 110 external hard drive. The device, which was used to store important documents and pictures, suddenly became inaccessible. Despite the indicator light coming on, it was noticeably dimmer than before.

He was using the BlackArmor External Drive to back up important data. However, the drive failed and was no longer working as expected. He did not want to lose all his photos, especially his family travel photos. Desperate to recover his data, the customer contacted our lab for help.

Our team immediately responded to his request. We provided detailed instructions on safely packing and shipping the device to our lab for evaluation. The customer promptly shipped the device, which arrived within a few days.

Evaluation Process of Seagate BlackArmor External Drive

Upon receiving the failed Seagate BlackArmor PS 110 external drive, our team of experts immediately started evaluating the issue. The first step was to check if the drive was giving any readiness signals. After a few seconds of evaluation, we observed that it was.

After checking the initial readiness, our experts tested the drive’s ability to read the first and last sector. Thankfully, the drive could successfully read both sectors without any issues.

Next, we performed a full master file table (MFT) scan to check the drive’s overall health. The MFT scan revealed that the drive was in good condition and had no major issues. However, we discovered some bad sectors on the drive upon further scanning.

Based on the evaluation results, our team provided a detailed price quote for the data recovery process. The customer was satisfied with the quote and promptly approved the recovery.

Seagate Black Armor External Hard Drive Recovery
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Data Recovery from BlackArmor WS 100 External Hard Drive

With the customer’s approval to proceed, our data recovery specialists started recovering the data from the Seagate BlackArmor PS 110 external drive.

Seagate Black Armor External Drive Data Recovery

Leveraging advanced data recovery software and techniques, the team addressed the bad sectors identified during the evaluation. We created an exact sector-by-sector clone of the drive onto a healthy storage medium. 

Once the cloning was complete, our experts had a fully accessible copy of the client’s data, bypassing the malfunctioning sectors on the original drive.

After hours of hard work and dedication, our team successfully recovered all the important documents and pictures from the failed Seagate BlackArmor PS 110 external drive.

Customer File Verification Session

To ensure the integrity of the recovered data, our team conducted a file verification session with the customer. During this session, the customer checked all the recovered files via remote access. Once he was satisfied that all his important data had been recovered, the customer gave final approval for the process to be completed.  

Customer Satisfaction

The customer was thrilled with the successful data recovery process and thanked our team for their dedication and expertise. He was relieved he did not lose any important files, especially those precious family travel photos.

We securely transferred all the recovered files to the new external drive and shipped it back to the customer. Our team also provided detailed instructions on safely using and maintaining the drive to prevent future data loss.


In conclusion, our expert team successfully recovered all important files from a failed Seagate BlackArmor PS 110 external hard drive for a customer from Atlanta, Georgia. With advanced techniques and diligent efforts, we could bypass the bad sectors and retrieve all the customer’s important data.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for any data recovery needs. Trust our professional team to recover your valuable data with precision and care. 

FAQ About BlackArmor External Hard Drive Recovery

If your Seagate BlackArmor External Drive becomes inaccessible, the first step is to check the indicator light and ensure the device is properly connected to your computer. If the problem persists, contacting a professional data recovery service is essential to assess and potentially recover the data.

Symptoms of bad sectors on an external hard drive include slow performance, files not opening, or the drive failing to be recognized by your computer. Consider a professional evaluation, where tools can accurately scan and identify bad sectors for a precise diagnosis.

Yes, data recovery from BlackArmor Drive with bad sectors is often possible. Our data recovery process involves creating a sector-by-sector clone of the drive onto another healthy storage medium, allowing us to bypass the bad sectors and access the data.

Choose a service with extensive experience, advanced technology, positive customer reviews, and transparent pricing. It’s also beneficial if the service offers a no-data, no-fee policy, ensuring you only pay if your data is recovered.

The cost of data recovery can change widely depending on the extent of the damage and the amount of data to be recovered. After evaluating your drive, a reputable data recovery service should provide a detailed quote, allowing you to make an informed decision.