Recovered Failed Pegasus32 RAID Enclosure

Our recent experience with a full-suite video production company and their failed Pegasus32 RAID enclosure underscores the critical importance of data recovery services. In this blog post, we’ll share how our team navigated the challenges of a stuck drive head, successfully recovered invaluable video files, and restored our client’s data storage capabilities.

We will also discuss the evaluation process, results, and steps to validate the data recovery. Additionally, we’ll provide insight into our client’s experience with our services and highlight the critical role played by advanced data recovery methods in handling sensitive data.

Background of Failed Pegasus32 RAID Enclosure

The full-suite video production company relied on the Promise Pegasus32 Series 4-Bay hardware RAID enclosure with four 4TB Seagate HDDs to store and manage their large video files. However, they encountered a major setback when one of the drives failed.

The client immediately contacted Promise support to seek assistance in resolving the issue. After evaluating the situation, the support team advised the client to have the data on the failed drive cloned onto a new one and then install it into the RAID enclosure. This would ensure that their video files were not lost and could continue to be accessed through the RAID enclosure.

Upon receiving advice from Promise support, the company searched for an experienced professional data recovery service.

Their primary goal was to find a provider that could clone the data from the failed drive and offer comprehensive recovery services to ensure no critical video files were lost during the process. 

After thorough research and recommendations from their industry contacts, they chose our lab for data recovery services.

Our support staff promptly assisted the client by providing them with detailed instructions on how to proceed with the data recovery process. 

Pegasus32 RAID Recovery

We specifically requested the client send the failed drive and the other three drives alongside the RAID enclosure for a comprehensive evaluation.

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Evaluation Process of Pegasus32 R4

Upon receiving the client’s devices, our technicians carefully examined each drive to determine what caused the failure. The first step was to check for physical damages or signs of wear and tear on each drive. Upon examination, we discovered that one of the 4TB Seagate HDDs had a head stuck, rendering it unable to read or write any data. It was the cause of the initial failure in the RAID enclosure.

Seagate Drives Data Recovery

Additionally, we thoroughly analyzed the other three drives to ensure they were functioning correctly and had no hidden issues. We found that the other three drives were in good condition and had no signs of failure or damage. 

It meant that only one drive needed to be replaced to fully recover the Pegasus32 RAID enclosure’s functionality.

After the evaluation, our team gave the client a detailed price quote for the required data recovery and cloning services. We also included the cost of a new 4TB Seagate HDD that needed to be installed in place of the failed drive. The client reviewed and approved the quote, and we proceeded with the data recovery process.

Data Recovery from Pegasus RAID

Our technicians carefully removed the affected drive from the RAID enclosure and began working on retrieving the data. The first step was to disassemble the drive and clean it thoroughly to remove any dust or debris that may have accumulated inside. We then carefully inspected the head-stuck area and used specialized tools to realign it and restore its functionality.

Once we successfully repositioned the head, we used advanced data recovery software to extract the entire drive’s contents. The process was time-consuming, but our team successfully retrieved all the data from the failed drive.

After recovering the head-stuck 4TB Seagate HDD data, we cloned it onto a new drive. 

Once the cloning process was complete, we installed the new drive into the Pegasus32 RAID enclosure and tested its functionality. We confirmed that the RAID enclosure was now fully operational.

Pegasus RAID Recovery

Remote Customer File Verification

Our team contacted the client and informed them that their RAID enclosure was ready for use. We also provided them with a secure link to remotely verify their video files before shipping the devices back to them. The client expressed extreme satisfaction with our services and praised our technicians’ professionalism and expertise in handling sensitive data.


In conclusion, the failure of a single 4TB Seagate HDD caused a major setback for our client’s video production company. However, with the help of our experienced technicians and advanced data recovery methods, we successfully recovered all their critical video files and restored the functionality of their Pegasus32 RAID enclosure. 

Our lab team is dedicated to providing efficient and reliable data recovery services for all types of storage devices, ensuring that our client’s valuable data is never lost.

FAQ About Pegasus32 RAID Recovery

Yes, data recovery is highly possible and successful in most cases where only one drive in a Pegasus32 RAID enclosure fails. It’s crucial to seek professional help promptly to ensure the best outcomes.

Immediately after noticing a drive failure, stop using the Promise Pegasus RAID enclosure to prevent further data loss. Contact a professional data recovery service to assess the situation and guide you on the next steps.

The duration of the data recovery process can vary depending on the extent of the damage and the specific failure issues. After evaluating your device, a professional service can provide an estimated timeline.

While data recovery success rates are high, they can be influenced by the extent of the damage to the drive. A professional evaluation will help determine the likelihood of full data recovery.

It’s strongly recommended that you send your Pegasus32 RAID enclosure to a professional lab for data recovery to prevent further damage and ensure the highest success rate. However, onsite data recovery services may be possible in certain situations. It’s best to consult with a professional service for the best course of action.

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