MSI Spatium M480 SSD Recovery

A recent case we encountered involved a game developer student who experienced significant slowdowns with their MSI Spatium 480 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD. Initially brought to us with concerns over sluggish performance, a deeper investigation revealed that the root cause was an issue many developers might overlook: heat.

In this blog post, we’ll examine the impact of heat on SSD performance and how it can affect important data, such as Unreal Engine project files.

Background of Slow MSI Spatium NVMe SSD

A graduate-year game developer student recently experienced a sudden crash with his MSI Spatium SSD. He used two drives on his PC, one HDD for personal files and one MSI Spatium 480 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD for his Unreal Engine project files. The student was working on a large, complex project with high graphical demands requiring constant rendering and processing.

After several weeks of intense work, the student noticed that his computer was working very slowly, causing delays in his progress. He suspected it might be a problem with his MSI Spatium SSD, but he initially ignored it, thinking it was just a temporary issue that would resolve itself.

However, a while later, he could not use the MSI SSD as he had before. SSD was too slow for the project and kept crashing his computer. The student tried to back up the important data, but unfortunately, he could not because the SSD was already in a critical state.

It was not a normal problem for MSI’s new-generation SSDs, but since all technologies are prone to failure, the MSI Spatium 480 Pro SSD was not an exception.

After a quick search about SSD failures, the student heard that some data recovery services could retrieve lost or damaged data. He contacted our customer support team and brought his MSI Spatium 480 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD for evaluation in New York.

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Evaluation Process of MSI Spatium 480 SSD

Our team of experts thoroughly evaluated the SSD to determine the cause of the failure and if any data could be recovered. The first step was to check the physical condition of the SSD, which appeared to be in mint condition with no visible damage.

Then, we proceeded with a series of tests to assess the performance and functionality of the SSD. The results showed that the SSD was working very slowly, and some areas of the drive were heating up excessively during use.


Diagnosis of MSI SSD

Based on our evaluation, we determined that the cause of failure for the MSI Spatium 480 Pro SSD was heat. The constant rendering and processing of high-demanding graphics in Unreal Engine had put excessive strain on the SSD, causing it to overheat. This, in turn, caused the SSD to slow down and eventually crash.

Based on our evaluation, we provided the student with a price quote for the data recovery service. The student quickly approved the quote, and our team then proceeded with the data recovery process.

Recovery of Unreal Engine Project Files from MSI SSD

The data recovery process from the MSI Spatium 480 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD required careful planning and execution due to heat-induced damage.

The first step involved creating a sector-by-sector clone of the SSD to an identical but healthy SSD. We had a complete copy of the student’s data and could work on the recovery without further stressing the damaged SSD.

Given the heat damage, we implemented cooling measures to prevent additional heat build-up during recovery. With the cloned SSD, we utilized advanced data recovery software to read the raw data. This software allowed us to bypass the SSD’s firmware, which might have been malfunctioning due to heat damage, and access the stored data directly.

Once the data was retrieved, our experts carefully analyzed and reconstructed the corrupted files to ensure their integrity. After a thorough verification process, we successfully recovered all of the student’s important Unreal Engine project files.

Successful Recovery of MSI Spatium 480 Pro SSD

Thanks to our team’s expertise and advanced tools, we successfully recovered all the Unreal Engine project files from the MSI Spatium 480 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD and transferred the data to a new drive.

As a final step to ensure quality and satisfaction, we scheduled a remote customer file verification session with the student. Our team guided the student through checking and verifying the integrity and completeness of his recovered files.


The MSI Spatium 480 Pro NVMe M.2 SSD failure caused by excessive heat could have resulted in permanent data loss for the graduate-year game developer student. However, with our data recovery service, we successfully retrieved and delivered all of the student’s important Unreal Engine project files.

Our customer was extremely satisfied with the result and expressed gratitude for our efficient and effective service. We reminded him to take necessary preventive measures when handling heat-sensitive hardware, especially when working on high-demanding projects. The student has learned valuable lessons for his future projects and is now equipped with the knowledge of a reliable data recovery service for any unforeseen mishaps.

FAQ about MSI Spatium SSD Data Recovery

Yes, it is possible to recover data from MSI Spatium SSDs. However, the success of data recovery depends on various factors, such as the extent of damage and the expertise of the data recovery service.

Several factors, including overheating, physical damage, and firmware corruption, can cause MSI Spatium SSD failures. To prevent failure, ensure proper ventilation for your device, handle your SSD carefully, and regularly update its firmware.

While we have a high success rate in data recovery, the possibility of recovering all data depends on the SSD’s condition and the failure’s nature. We employ advanced techniques to maximize data recovery.

If you suspect your MSI Spatium SSD is failing, stop using it immediately to prevent further damage and contact a professional data recovery service. Attempting to extract data on your own may exacerbate the situation.