QNAP TS 473 NAS Data Recovery

A sudden failure of a Network-Attached Storage device can be a nightmare for any business, especially when it contains important files and data. Our customer, a Steel Technology Company, experienced this when their QNAP TS-473A NAS suddenly stopped working. 

But what could have caused this unexpected failure? After a thorough evaluation in our lab, we found that one of the drives had failed, leading to the overall failure of the NAS. In this document, we will discuss the data recovery process of the QNAP TS-473A NAS and how we successfully recovered the important files for our customers.

How Did QNAP TS-473A NAS Stop Working?

A Steel Technology Company had been using a QNAP TS-473A NAS for its daily operations and to store important files such as scanned reports. However, one day, the device suddenly stopped working, causing a major disruption in their workflow.

The QNAP TS-473A NAS is known for its ZFS-based QuTS hero operating system and its high performance with a RAID 10 configuration. The device had a ZFS RAID 10 setup consisting of four physical 2TB HDDs.

But then the NAS stopped working, leaving the company in a state of panic. They were unable to access their important files, and their daily operations came to a halt.
The company’s IT team initially tried to troubleshoot the issue on their own but was unable to fix it. Realizing the importance of the data stored on the failed NAS, they decided to seek professional data recovery services.
After researching and reading reviews, the company found our professional data recovery services and immediately sent the failed NAS device to us for evaluation.

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Evaluation Process of Failed QNAP TS-473A NAS

Our team of experts performed a detailed evaluation of the failed QNAP TS-473A NAS in our advanced data recovery lab. We followed the standard procedures to ensure that no further damage was caused to the device or its data.

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After a thorough examination, we found that three drives were functioning correctly, but one drive had failed, leading to the NAS’s sudden stoppage.

The failed drive contained a portion of the ZFS pool, which became inaccessible, causing the NAS to stop working. Further investigation revealed that the failed drive had suffered bad sectors, making it impossible for the NAS to read the data stored on it.

After completing the evaluation, we provided a detailed price quote to the Steel Technology Company, outlining the costs involved in recovering their data. The customer agreed to our pricing and gave us approval to proceed with the data recovery process.

Data Recovery Process for QNAP TS-473A NAS

Our team of experienced technicians started the data recovery process by carefully extracting the failed hard drive from the NAS. We then used our specialized data recovery tools and techniques to recover the data from the failed hard disk drive. As the drive contained bad sectors, we had to use advanced methods such as disk imaging to recover the data successfully.

Once we had successfully recovered the data, we transferred it onto a new identical HDD to ensure compatibility with the NAS. As ZFS is a complex file system, we took extra precautions to preserve the data’s integrity during the transfer process.

After the data transfer, we reconstructed the ZFS pool and successfully retrieved all the important files stored on the NAS.

Customer File Verification via Remote Session

To ensure the customer’s satisfaction, we conducted a remote session with them to verify that all their important files were recovered successfully. The customer was thrilled with the results and expressed their gratitude for our efficient data recovery services.


The sudden stoppage of QNAP TS-473A NAS in the Steel Technology Company caused significant disruption to their daily operations. 

Although the ZFS-based QuTS hero operating system and RAID 10 configuration may offer high performance, they are still susceptible to drive failures. 

Therefore, it is essential to have a backup plan in place and seek professional data recovery services in case of any unforeseen failures. Protect your important data with our reliable and efficient data recovery services. Contact us today for more information. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to avoid any DIY recovery attempts, as they may lead to further data loss. Ensure the NAS device is powered off safely and contact professional data recovery services to assess the situation.

Yes, data recovery is possible even if multiple drives fail in a RAID 10 configuration. However, the complexity and success rate may vary depending on the specific scenario and the condition of the remaining drives.

The timeline for QNAP TS-473A NAS data recovery varies depending on the severity of the drive’s condition, the size of the data, and the complexity of the recovery process. A professional assessment can provide a more accurate timeline.

Professional data recovery services aim to recover the most complete version of your lost data. However, the exactness of the recovered data can depend on factors like the extent of the damage and the type of files. Verification processes are in place to ensure data integrity.

While it’s impossible to prevent all potential failures, regular maintenance, monitoring the health of the drives, and having a robust backup strategy in place can significantly reduce the risk and impact of NAS failures.

Implementing a layered backup strategy, including off-site backups and using NAS features like snapshots, can help protect your data. You should also regularly test your backups to ensure they can be restored in case of failure

The cost of data recovery can vary widely based on the complexity of the case, the capacity of the drives, and the required turnaround time. Reputable data recovery services will provide a detailed quote after evaluating your NAS.