Organizations, such as medical clinics, rely heavily on server systems to store and manage patient records, billing information, and other crucial documents. Over time, these systems can become outdated and prone to failures, resulting in the loss of critical data. Accessing data from old hard drives with obsolete technology and no backups can be a significant challenge.

In this case study, we explore a recent data recovery scenario for a medical clinic in New York that faced data loss due to malfunctioning SCSI hard drives. We discuss the steps taken to recover the lost data and successfully retrieve important Apache server files.

Challenges with Outdated Drives on an Apache Server

The medical clinic had been using a server system with three old SCSI hard drives, each with a storage capacity of 73GB. These drives had not been used for a while, and when the IT team attempted to connect them, the system did not recognize them. Further investigation revealed that the hard drives were outdated and incompatible with modern systems, making data retrieval challenging.

Additionally, two crucial subfolders—the Tomcat folder and the MySQL database subfolder—were lost due to negligence or lack of proper backups. These folders contained vital Apache server files necessary for running the clinic’s website and managing patient records. Losing these files could have had severe consequences for the clinic’s operations and reputation.

The IT team tried accessing the data on different systems, but all efforts were unsuccessful. The clinic then contacted our data recovery experts for assistance.

Initial Consultation 

Our customer service team promptly addressed the clinic’s concerns and scheduled a consultation with our data recovery specialists. During the call, we gathered all the necessary information about the devices and the data loss situation to determine the best course of action.

Given the clinic’s location in New York, we suggested they drop off the hard drives at our nearest data recovery facility to initiate the recovery process.

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Evaluation at the New York Data Recovery Lab

Upon receiving the hard drives (3x Seagate 73GB SCSI HDDs) at our New York data recovery lab, our team evaluated their physical condition. The first drive showed signs of a motor stuck in a broken drive, while the platter head and PCB (Printed Circuit Board) had to be moved to another drive body. This type of damage, known as physical failure, requires specialized techniques and equipment to retrieve the data.

The second drive had multiple bad sectors, making data access difficult. The third drive was found to be corrupted due to frequent power failures, causing significant data loss.

After a thorough examination, we contacted the clinic and provided them with our diagnostic report, explaining the extent of the damage and possible recovery options, along with estimated costs. The clinic approved our recommended course of action.

Data Recovery in Cleanroom

Data Recovery Process of SCSI HDDs

First, we addressed the physical damage of the first drive by carefully disassembling it in a cleanroom environment and replacing the damaged components. With a large inventory of donor drives, we found a compatible PCB and motor for the damaged drive.

Next, we focused on recovering data from the second drive with multiple bad sectors. Using advanced techniques, we bypassed the damaged areas and retrieved as much data as possible. Despite the challenges, we successfully recovered the lost Apache server files from this drive.

Lastly, we repaired the corrupted third drive through a thorough scan and repair process using specialized tools. With our expertise and advanced technology, we retrieved all the lost subfolders and data from this drive.

Successful Recovery of Apache Server Files

After several days of hard work, we successfully recovered all the lost Apache server files for the medical clinic. Our team organized and transferred the retrieved data to a new storage device compatible with their current system. We then performed a final check to ensure that all files were functioning correctly.

The clinic was overjoyed and relieved to have their critical data back. They expressed gratitude for our quick and efficient data recovery services, which saved them from significant losses and operational disruptions. We also recommended implementing regular backups and upgrading their outdated systems to prevent future incidents.


This case study highlights the importance of having a backup plan for organizations, especially those heavily reliant on server systems. Outdated technology can lead to unexpected failures and data loss, significantly impacting operations. In such situations, seeking professional help from experienced data recovery specialists is crucial.

Our expertise in SCSI hard drive data recovery, backed by advanced technology and cleanroom environments, allowed us to successfully recover the lost Apache server files for our client in New York. We continue to strive to provide efficient and reliable data recovery services for organizations facing similar data loss scenarios.

If your organization is experiencing data loss, contact our team for a consultation and expert assistance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Common causes include physical damage, bad sectors, outdated technology, and frequent power failures. It is important to regularly check and maintain your SCSI hard drives to avoid these issues.

Yes, professional data recovery services can retrieve data from old and malfunctioning SCSI hard drives using specialized techniques and equipment. It is important to act quickly and seek professional help as soon as possible to increase the chances of successful data recovery.

Stop using the drive promptly and seek assistance from a professional data recovery service to prevent additional harm and enhance the likelihood of successful data recovery.

The recovery time differs depending on the extent of the damage, but professional services usually provide an estimated timeframe after the initial diagnostic evaluation.

Yes, professional data recovery specialists can often recover lost Apache server files, including Tomcat and MySQL database subfolders, from failed SCSI hard drives. This type of data recovery requires specialized equipment and expertise, as well as a clean room environment, to ensure the safety and integrity of the recovered data.

The cost varies depending on the complexity of the recovery process and the extent of the damage. The data recovery service typically provides a detailed diagnostic report and cost estimate.

While professional data recovery services have a high success rate, recovery is not guaranteed in all cases. The outcome depends on the nature and extent of the damage.