GoPro MicroSD Card Data Recovery

Many of us use various types of SD cards to store pictures, videos, etc. And losing data from these devices can be complicated and very stressful. The frequent causes of data loss are accidental deletion of files or device formatting. Regardless of the failure reason, the chances of recovering files from a MicroSD card with our engineers are very high.

There are several steps you should go through when facing data loss. First of all, immediately stop using the MicroSD card. Its further use will increase the possibility of overwriting data, which will lead to complications when recovering them. 

PITS Global Data Recovery Services will assist you in recovering deleted, formatted, or lost images, music files, videos, and other data. With the help of our highly-experienced data recovery team, you can access files from MicroSD memory cards in the required timeframe. 

GoPro MicroSD Card Data Recovery

To recover information from a memory card, we carefully unsolder the microcircuits: NAND and read the image from the microcircuits on the Flash Reader stand. Then a unique algorithm is used to decrypt information from the binary image. 

PNY SD Card Data Recovery

The algorithm’s parameters depend on the type of drive controller. If necessary, our specialists can write a universal algorithm for the newest memory cards for which there are no standard solutions yet. This technique guarantees 100% success in recovering data from a RAW file system.

Recently, we received a GoPro recovery request from a cyclist who lost all his footage from a recent trip. He tried to access the GoPro camera’s memory card files and copy them onto his desktop for further editing. 

The client could not transfer the video files, and all of them were corrupted. He did some research and decided to entrust his media storage to us. After consulting with our customer service representative, he shipped his card to our laboratory.

MicroSD Card Chip-off Recovery

Chip-off is a recovery method that involves removing a memory chip from a device, preparing it for taking a physical memory dump, and then extracting data from that dump. 

This data retrieval technique is considered hard to conduct as there are various types of memory microcircuits, and each type needs its own hardware programmer. And when unsoldering a memory chip, it can no longer be returned to its original place. 

Our engineers received the device and started to work on it in our Certified ISO Class 10 Cleanroom. After accessing all memory chips, they cleaned them using an ultrasonic cleaner. The next step was to extract all the data using advanced card readers. When the data was retrieved from damaged chips, engineers noticed that the files lost their formats and were seen as RAW documents.

The RAW disk format lacks structure, or rather the file system on the drive: this happens with new or faulty microSD cards. 

SD cards often become the RAW format due to system failures or improper shutdown of the computer and problems with the power supply.  At the same time, in the latter case, the information on the disk often remains intact.

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MicroSD Card RAW Files Restoration

Our engineers ran commands to encrypt the files and restore vital photos and videos. As the card became RAW due to physical failure, we saw the pictures in the desired format after running the algorithms, which was NTFS. It indicated that the process was successful. Our data recovery experts started to transfer all of the files to a new SD card. The client reviewed the videos and approved all of them. We were able to restore 100% of the files and shipped them on a new memory card.

Data recovery software offered to a wide range of users to restore the logical structure of the media storage devices seems easy to use. Still, their operation leads to damaging the files permanently. Our specialists will perform professional restoration of the file system, and you can rest assured of the safety of the process.

Contact PITS Global Data Recovery Services by calling our customer service line or fill out the request help form to receive professional data retrieval solutions. Our highly qualified engineers will successfully restore all your data from various storage devices and encrypt your RAW drive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Data loss on a GoPro MicroSD card can occur due to various reasons, including accidental deletion, formatting errors, file system corruption, card errors or failures, water damage, physical damage, or improper handling of the MicroSD card.

While data recovery from a GoPro MicroSD card is usually successful, it’s not guaranteed that all data can be recovered in every scenario. The recoverability of data depends on factors such as the extent of the data loss, the condition of the MicroSD card, and any actions taken after the data loss occurred.

The chances of recovering data from a physically damaged GoPro MicroSD card depend on the severity of the damage. In cases of physical damage, it is recommended to consult professional data recovery services that specialize in dealing with physically damaged storage media.

DIY data recovery for a GoPro MicroSD card is possible using specialized data recovery software. However, it requires technical knowledge and carries some risks. It’s important to note that DIY attempts may not always yield successful results and can potentially lead to further data loss. If your data is valuable or if you are unsure of the recovery process, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance.

If you experience data loss on a GoPro MicroSD card, stop using the card immediately to prevent overwriting the deleted or lost data. Do not attempt to format the card or perform any actions that may further damage the data. Consult data recovery professionals or use reputable data recovery software to increase the chances of successful recovery.

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