Vulcan Z SSD Data Recovery

Storing game data on a solid-state drive provides quicker load times and improved performance compared to traditional hard disk drives. Vulcan Z SSDs are recognized for their durability due to the absence of moving components that could malfunction over time. 

However, those TEAMGROUP SSDs are not completely immune to data loss and failure. In this case study, we will examine a real-life scenario of data recovery from a VULCAN Z SSD used for gaming purposes.

Vulcan Z SSD Became Unresponsive

Our client, a professional gamer from Tampa, had been using a VULCAN Z SSD as his primary storage device for all his game data. The capacity of his SSD was 1TB, and it was almost full with various game installations and save files.

One day, while playing a high-intensity game, his games became increasingly sluggish, and eventually, his system froze. He had to force shut down his computer and restart it, only to find out that it was still slow and unresponsive.

Failed Vulcan Z SSD

Fortunately, he was using the Vulcan Z SSD for his gaming data, and for the system drive, he had a separate hard disk drive. It allowed him to check his SSD with S.M.A.R.T. tools without risking further data loss.

The results showed that his SSD’s health had declined significantly, and the S.M.A.R.T. parameter indicating overall good health was now showing “Failed.” He immediately contacted us for data recovery services.

He went online, and according to the manufacturer’s website, VULCAN Z SSDs come with a three-year warranty. However, since his device was over four years old, the manufacturer refused to provide any support or replacement.

Vulcan Z SSD Data Recovery

So, he had to find professional data recovery services to retrieve his valuable game data from the failing SSD. Upon searching for reputable data recovery companies, he stumbled upon our company and contacted us. 

After we received a distress call from the client, we told him to stop using the SSD immediately, as any further use could lead to permanent data loss. We sent a shipping label and instructions for him to send the SSD to our facility. 

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Evaluation of Vulcan Z Solid State Drive

Upon receiving the SSD, our data recovery experts conducted a thorough evaluation of the device to determine the extent of damage and possible causes. We found that the drive’s failure was due to extensive wear and tear, as it had been used heavily for gaming purposes for over four years.

One of the most significant advantages of solid-state drives is their durability. However, continuous usage of an SSD can still result in wear and tear, reducing its lifespan. In this case, the client’s intensive use of his VULCAN Z SSD for gaming purposes had caused it to fail.

After evaluating the SSD, we provided our client with a price quote and informed him of the expected data recovery process. He approved it, and we started working on recovering his game data immediately.

Failed Vulcan Z SSD Data Recovery Process in Cleanroom

We started by opening the SSD in our cleanroom, a controlled environment free of dust and other contaminants that could damage its delicate internal components. We found that the NAND flash chips, which store data, had sustained significant physical damage due to heavy use.

Vulcan Z SSD Data Recovery

Using specialized tools and techniques, we carefully extracted the NAND chips from the PCB board and placed them in a specialized reader. Our team then used advanced data recovery software to retrieve the data from the damaged chips.

After several hours of painstaking work, we successfully retrieved all the game data stored on the failing VULCAN Z SSD. We transferred it to a new external hard drive for remote customer file access to ensure data safety and integrity.

Customer Verified Recovered Vulcan SSD Data vie Remote Session

Our client was thrilled when we informed him that we had successfully recovered all his game data from the failed VULCAN Z SSD. To ensure his satisfaction, we set up a remote session for him to access and verify the recovered files.

After going through the files, he confirmed that all his game data was intact and accessible. He was relieved and grateful to have found our data recovery services and was happy to have his valuable game data back.


In this case study, we have seen how even the most durable SSDs can fail due to extensive use, resulting in data loss. It is essential to back up your data regularly and avoid overusing your storage devices, especially if they are used heavily for gaming purposes. In case of failure or data loss, it is important to seek professional data recovery services to retrieve your valuable data successfully.

Our company’s team of experts has the experience, tools, and techniques to salvage data from a variety of SSDs, including VULCAN Z SSDs. Contact us for any data recovery needs, and we will be happy to assist you. 

Additionally, always check the warranty and durability of your storage devices before purchasing them, as this could prevent potential data loss in the future. It is also necessary to regularly maintain and monitor the health of your SSDs using S.M.A.R.T. tools or other monitoring software recommended by the manufacturer. It can help prevent unexpected failures and ensure timely replacements if necessary.

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FAQ About Vulcan Z SSD Data Recovery

It is not recommended to attempt data recovery on your own, as it requires specialized tools and expertise to ensure successful retrieval without further damage to the storage device. Contact professional data recovery services for the best results.

Regularly backing up your data and avoiding overusing the SSD can help prevent potential failures and data loss. It is also recommended that you monitor its health using S.M.A.R.T. tools or other manufacturer-recommended software.

If your VULCAN Z SSD fails, immediately stop using it to prevent further damage and seek professional data recovery services. Do not attempt to open the device or recover data on your own, as it can cause permanent data loss. 

Yes, in most cases, data can still be recovered from physically damaged SSDs. Seeking professional data recovery services can increase the chances of successful retrieval without causing further damage to the device. 

However, severe physical damage may result in permanent data loss. For the best chance of recovery, it is crucial to stop using the device and seek assistance immediately.