Causes of "The Type of the File System is Raw" Error

Raw file system, often known as RAW, is a state wherein the operating system cannot recognize or access the file system of a storage device. This typically occurs due to improper shutdowns, virus attacks, or system errors, making the file system unreadable and in a RAW state. These devices ensure the safety of their valuable files and provide accessibility to the users. Nevertheless, there is always a chance for data loss in the media.

One of the common scenarios of file inaccessibility is when a user finds empty unmarked space on a storage device instead of the data. The user’s first thought when facing such a situation is that data is permanently lost. What happens is that all data on a storage device remains in place, but the system cannot recognize the internal structure of the disk and provide access to it. The file system becomes RAW, so a user cannot access the data. 

The File System is RAW - Definition

The term “RAW” refers to the undefined file system of a volume (part of a long-term memory.) Each volume or entire disk space has a specific file system representing a particular order and defining a straightforward way of organizing, storing, and designating data on storage media.

When the file system cannot be detected, the designation RAW appears. In other words, this means that the file system cannot be recognized by any of the system drivers installed and available in the operating system for whatever reason.

Causes of "The Type of the File System is Raw" Error

The raw file system type refers to a situation where the operating system cannot identify or access the file system, often due to abrupt shutdowns, malware attacks, or other system malfunctions. This renders the file system inaccessible and data recovery a necessity.

Bad Sectors. If there are bad sectors in the essential area of the hard disk, it will not normally work. As a result, a user will face a file system corruption that will show up as RAW.

File System Structural Damage. The main cause of the RAW problem is related to the file system’s performance, which can be corrupted for reasons other than the presence of bad sectors. Consequently, the partition may become RAW if the file system suffers internal structural damage.

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Reinstalling the Operating System. When upgrading an old operating system to a newer version, the file system of the system partition can also be changed to the new system version. In this case, the new operating system may not identify the file system, and consequently, it will become RAW.

Virus and MalwareA virus attack is one of the most common reasons for displaying a RAW file system. Such malicious attacks can damage the partition table. Consequently, the affected partition and its file system cannot be delimited, resulting in the affected partition appearing as an RAW when accessed.

Partition Table Corruption. The next, and equally important, cause of a RAW format problem on a disk partition can be a corrupted partition table. For example, incorrect values in the MBR table can be one reason the file system is marked as RAW.

Incorrect Partition Access Permission. One of the possible reasons for a RAW system issue might be an improperly configured partition access permission directly related to the local security policy settings. Consequently, the system might restrict your access to the disk partition and display it as RAW.

If your valuable data becomes inaccessible due to a problem with the RAW format, it does not mean it is permanently gone. With a professional approach, your files can be successfully restored. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to recover data from a RAW file system. A RAW file system indicates that the operating system cannot recognize the file system on a storage device. Professional data recovery services can often retrieve data from a RAW file system using specialized techniques and software.

  • File system corruption due to improper system shutdowns or power outages.
  • Virus or malware infections that damage the file system.
  • Errors during formatting or partitioning.
  • Hardware issues, such as a failing storage device or faulty connectors.
  • Operating system or software malfunctions.
  • Inability to access files or folders.
  • Error messages indicating an unrecognized file system.
  • File system displayed as RAW instead of NTFS, FAT32, or other recognized formats.
  • Prompts to format the storage device when attempting to access it.

Recovering data from a RAW file system can be complex, and it is generally recommended to seek professional help from a data recovery service. DIY attempts without the necessary expertise can potentially worsen the situation and lead to permanent data loss. Data recovery specialists have the tools and knowledge to handle RAW file system recovery effectively.

  1. Stop using the affected storage device immediately to avoid further damage.
  2. Do not format or attempt to repair the RAW file system yourself.
  3. Contact a professional data recovery service with experience in RAW file system recovery.
  4. Provide the recovery service with details about the storage device, the symptoms, and any relevant information.

The duration of data recovery from a RAW file system depends on various factors, including the size of the storage device, the extent of file system damage, and the complexity of the recovery process. Simple cases may be resolved within a few days, while more complex recoveries can take longer. The data recovery service will provide an estimated timeframe based on your specific situation.

Data recovery from a RAW file system cannot be guaranteed in every case. The success of recovery depends on factors such as the severity of file system damage and the condition of the storage device. Reputable data recovery services will provide an evaluation of the chances of recovery before proceeding, but it is important to understand that complete data recovery may not always be possible.