Data Recovery from HPE 3PAR STORSERV Accidental Deletion

Unexpected action can sometimes lead to disastrous consequences in the fast-paced information technology environment. That’s exactly what happened when an Insurance Company faced a difficult hurdle related to the HPE 3PAR Storage Appliance. An IT engineer unintentionally formatted storage, putting virtual servers and important data at risk. This case study examines the complex steps taken by PITS Global Data Recovery to overcome numerous challenges and successfully recover valuable information for our valued client.

Background of Failed HPE 3PAR

The HPE 3PAR Storage Appliance played a key role in the customer’s IT infrastructure, serving as the primary data store for multiple VMware ESXi hosts. These hosts use the storage device to store VMware Virtual machines. Thus, the setup allowed the company to use Microsoft’s Deduplication feature, promoting efficient use of space. The device housed a variety of important documents, including Microsoft SQL Databases, insurance claims, and photographs, making its role in the infrastructure not only important but indispensable.

Accidental Formatting Incident by IT Engineer

 IT engineer at the company accidentally formatted the HPE 3PAR Storage Device, unexpectedly disrupting the operational rhythm of the IT infrastructure. This negligent action led to the loss of the company’s virtual servers and all stored data. Following the incident, the insurance company, which relied heavily on this data in daily operations, was suddenly in an extremely difficult situation. The incident also underlined the importance of diligence in handling sensitive data and the potentially devastating effects of human error.

Delivery of HPE 3PAR STORESERV 8200 SFF to PITS Global Data Recovery

After an unfortunate incident of accidental formatting, realizing the seriousness of the situation, the Insurance Company made the wise decision to entrust the valuable HPE 3PAR Storage Device to PITS Global Data Recovery. The device was delivered quickly and safely to our state-of-the-art data recovery laboratory with utmost urgency and precision. Here, our highly skilled and experienced team of experts embarked on a meticulous journey using cutting methods to bring back irreplaceable lost data.

Technical Challenges

The 3PAR Storage Device’s data storage was functioning flawlessly with no mechanical or physical malfunctions detected. However, the formatting incident made all data inaccessible, requiring an extensive and complex recovery process. Our team had to create the VMWARE VMFS file system from scratch to find and retrieve deleted VMDK files and mount them. 

Additionally, data stored in the NTFS file system using Microsoft’s Deduplication feature presented another major challenge. Recovering this data required special expertise, innovative approaches, and specialized data recovery software. Our team needed to use these resources to meticulously reconstruct and recover data once thought to be lost. Considering all these difficulties, our team immediately took action and started the process.

Recovery Process of HPE 3PAR STORESERV 8200 SFF

1. Initial Evaluation and Diagnosis

The first step in the data recovery process was a thorough initial evaluation and diagnosis of the HPE 3PAR Storage Device.  Our team carefully examined the device’s physical condition and internal components to determine the extent of damage caused by the accidental formatting incident. 

Through this comprehensive assessment process, we identified all possible challenges and designed a detailed data recovery plan.

2. Two-Week Intensive Recovery Efforts

The process of data recovery from the HPE 3PAR STORESERV had already proven to be a challenging and time-consuming task. Our expert team devoted two weeks to intensive data recovery efforts, meticulously examining every device aspect and using advanced techniques and technologies. The complexity of the case required a systematic approach. Our team overcame many challenges throughout the process.

3. Creating the VMware VMFS File System

One of the first challenges we encountered was creating the VMWARE VMFS file system, which was deleted due to a formatting incident. This process was extremely delicate and required expertise because any misstep could result in permanent data loss. Our team has successfully created the file system that allows us to find and retrieve deleted VMDK files.

4. Identifying and Recovering Deleted VMDK Files

We used advanced recovery techniques to detect and extract deleted VMDK files after successfully creating the VMFS file system. These files contained important data previously inaccessible due to a formatting event. Our team’s extensive experience in data recovery enabled us to successfully retrieve these files and their contents.

5. Connecting Recovered Files and Restoring Access to Data

After recovering the deleted VMDK files, our team faced another challenge in installing and accessing the files. This is because the data is stored in an NTFS file system using Microsoft’s Data Deduplication feature. Our experts used their expert knowledge and proprietary software to reconstruct and successfully merge the data, allowing the client to access all lost data.

6. Challenges of Recovering Data from NTFS File System with Microsoft Data Deduplication

Microsoft’s NTFS file system with Deduplication has introduced a unique set of challenges in the data recovery process. This feature is designed to optimize storage space by eliminating unnecessary data and making it difficult to recover data after it is deleted. However, our PITS Global Data Recovery team was equipped with the necessary expertise and technology to overcome these challenges and successfully retrieve data for our client. 

Our team successfully recovered all these data types, providing our client access to important information. It demonstrates our ability to process different data types and retrieve them successfully, regardless of their complexity or format.

Successful Data HPE 3PAR Recovery

This successful data recovery from the HPE 3PAR Device is a valuable lesson for any business. It highlights the importance of robust data protection measures to prevent potential data loss incidents. Even with advanced technology and experienced teams, accidents can happen, and it’s crucial to have a reliable data recovery partner to help.

Restoring Insurance Documents

Our team recovered data from the HPE 3PAR Storage Device, including insurance documents vital to the company’s daily operations. It shows how a data recovery service can help retrieve critical information and keep businesses running smoothly and efficiently. 

The team of PITS successfully restored these documents, allowing the Insurance Company to continue its business with nothing.

Recovering Microsoft SQL Databases

In addition to insurance documents, our team successfully recovered Microsoft SQL databases containing vital information for the Insurance Company. This recovery highlighted our ability to handle complex data recovery scenarios and retrieve important data from various sources. Our expertise in recovering different data types distinguishes us as a reliable and comprehensive business data recovery partner.

Restoring Insurance Compensation Data

One of the most critical data recovered from the HPE 3PAR Storage Device was the Insurance Company’s claims data. It contained information about policies, claims, and payments vital to the company’s day-to-day operations. Our team successfully obtained this data and enabled the Insurance Company to continue its services without interruption.

Successful Recovery of Photos and Videos

Our team successfully recovered important business data, photos, and videos stored on the HPE 3PAR Storage Device. These may seem insignificant, but they were sentimental for the Insurance Company’s employees and customers. By recovering these files, we provided our customers with peace of mind and highlighted the comprehensive nature of our data recovery services.

Overall, the successful recovery of the HPE 3PAR Storage Device highlights the importance of having a reliable and experienced data recovery partner, especially when dealing with critical and sensitive data. By choosing PITS Global Data Recovery, the Insurance Company can recover its data and continue its daily operations without significant interruption. 

We are proud that we were able to help resolve this unfortunate incident and continue to provide exceptional data recovery services to businesses in need. That’s why it’s so important for companies to prioritize data protection measures and have a reliable partner like PITS Global Data Recovery.

Utilizing Proprietary Data Recovery Software for This case

As mentioned earlier, the successful recovery of the HP 3PAR would not have been possible without our team’s utilization of proprietary data recovery software. This specialized software is continuously updated and improved to ensure we have the most advanced tools for any data recovery scenario. Our commitment to investing in cutting-edge technology sets us apart from other data recovery companies and allows us to provide the best possible service to our clients. We continuously aim to stay ahead of the ever-evolving data recovery landscape and ensure we have the necessary resources to handle data loss. 

Tailoring Solutions to the Customer’s Needs

At PITS Global Data Recovery, we understand that each data loss scenario is unique and requires a tailored approach. That’s why our crew works closely with our clients to consider their exact needs and develop a customized data recovery plan. In the case of the HPE 3PAR STORESERV 8200 SFF, our team took into account the sensitive and time-sensitive nature of the lost data. It dedicated all necessary resources to ensure a successful recovery. We strive to provide personalized and effective solutions for our customers, providing results that exceed their expectations

Lessons Learned: Importance of Regular Backups

Understanding the significance of regular backups is a crucial takeaway from this case. The Insurance Company could have avoided this data loss incident without a comprehensive backup system. We advise our clients to regularly back up their important data on secure and reliable storage devices or cloud platforms.

Training and Awareness for IT Personnel

Another crucial factor highlighted by this case is the importance of training and awareness for IT personnel. In this scenario, the data loss was caused by human error, emphasizing the need for proper training in handling sensitive data and using technology effectively. At PITS Global Data Recovery, our team undergoes continuous training to ensure we have the knowledge and skills to effectively handle any data recovery situation.

Implementing Additional Security Measures

While backups and training are critical, implementing additional security steps can also help prevent data loss incidents. It includes proper data encryption, regular software updates, and strict access controls to sensitive information. By continuously monitoring and enhancing our security protocols, we ensure the highest level of protection for our client’s data.

PITS Global Data Recovery - Your Trusted Partner

In conclusion, the successful data recovery from the HPE 3PAR STORESERV highlights PITS Global Data Recovery’s expertise in handling complex and sensitive data loss incidents. Our commitment to investing in advanced technology, personalized solutions, and continuous training sets us apart as a reliable and trusted partner for businesses. We understand the importance of data protection and work diligently to ensure our clients’ valuable information is always safe and secure. 

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